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My system for teaching drumming is primarily designed for the beginning drummer who wants to learn something new, make music and most importantly…have fun!

I get kids to be excited about the drums through in-home lessons, where they can learn in a safe, familiar environment. I have developed a system of teaching that will have kids playing the drums from the very first lesson. We keep it simple at first: all one needs is a brain, two hands, and a foot. My goal is to show kids they really can do anything, even become a great drummer. I also teach kids how to teach themselves by reading rhythm, so they can buy drumming books and expand their knowledge even further. I strongly believe that the sole purpose of a drummer is keeping time for the band. With that being said , for the most part the clients sessions will be with a metronome (A device that keeps a perfect tempo).

Through personal experience, I’ve learned that we underestimate what our minds and bodies are capable of, and I have a passion for helping young minds learn and expand their potential.

I’ve learned that we underestimate what our minds and bodies are capable of

My name is Frank Odom


Christina and Frank Odom
Me with my wife, Christina.

I provide private, in-home drum lessons in the Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Roswell and Sandy Springs areas.

Born and raised in West Texas (Abilene, to be precise), I started in the high school band playing the trumpet. While the trumpet taught me how to read music, I was always drawn to the drum set. At age 13 I received my first set of drums, which I played constantly and with wild abandon all the way up to the age of 19. Then I got serious.

Deciding to expand my knowledge of the art, I moved to Atlanta to study at the Atlanta Institute of Music. There I studied under such local talents as Tom Knight (TLC, Brandy, Randy Hoaxter, Monica), Craig Harbor (Bo Diddley) and Phil Smith (Phil Smith).

After graduating in 2002, I joined the Marine Corps. My life literally took an unexpected turn when I was in a severe motor vehicle accident, and was medically discharged from the Corps.

The doctors said I would never play the drums again. God, being the ultimate physician, had other plans. Thanks to the Shepard Center, music therapy, and my willingness to not give up, I am a fully functional drummer. My determination to recover resulted not only in the ability to play the drums as well as before the accident, but better.

I believe we as people can always do more than we think is possible. One just has to discover that pathway in their brain. I can help pathe the way in finding it. That is why love doing what I do. I have developed a teaching model that is easy,educational and most importantly… FUN.

I have developed a teaching model that is easy, educational, and most importantly… FUN




Pricing is simple.
Lessons start at $1.00 per minute, with a 30 minute minimum.


I provide private, in-home drum lessons in Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Roswell, and Sandy Springs.


Monday through Friday,
from 4:00 to 8:30 PM

Call me at (404) 387-1211 for more information.

My goal is to show kids they really can do anything



Check out some of the drum lessons below to get a feel for the drums (and me). These are free! All the lessons provided here are beginner lessons. These let you or your child get a feel for the basics to see if the drums are for you. If you don’t have drums, drum on books. No drumsticks? Use spoons! Rhythm doesn’t have to be fancy, just fun. Give it a try. You will learn something new, or your money back.

I will be adding videos often, so keep coming back. Give me a call at (404) 387-1211 when you are ready to dive deeper into the drums.